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Enterprise-Grade Dapps Development :

L&P Digitech assists enterprise in multiple industry domains in creating a new business model smarter & secure. The decentralized app can render pressure that alters the number of digital resources to a greater extent.

Crypto token development

L&P professionals develop custom cryptocurrency token to offer secure and transparent process flow to the business. As Cryptocurrencies are digital, it cannot be reversed arbitrarily by the sender. It acts as the best option to do fraud-free transactions with a minimal transaction fee. Therefore, crypto tokens can help to gain trust in the market.


Smart contracts:

Smart contracts can control over the execution of an agreement. The network of computers connected to the blockchain will verify the proper execution of contracts. Therefore, make use of this to gain customer’s trust and offer secure and seamless transactions. L&P professionals are here to help you to facilitate a complex business process between counterparties without a need to trust with smart contracts.

Crypto Asset Exchange :

It allows the person to sell, buy or exchange a crypto asset for other digital currency. Moreover, this platform provides advanced reporting options, integration of payment methods, high-security standards to maintain the funds. Our professionals develop cryptocurrency exchange to enable cryptocurrency transaction for your business using the custom cryptocurrency tokens.


Crypto Wallets:

The cryptocurrency’s digital nature makes a perfect solution for a cross-border transaction. And, it is fast and cheap. The cryptocurrency wallet is essential to do cryptocurrency transactions. A cryptocurrency wallet is alike regular bank account and we assist in developing such wallet to enable your business available for cryptocurrency transactions.

Industry-Specific Blockchain Solutions :

Our Baas (Blockchain-as-a-Service) platform allows our business partners to build groundbreaking blockchain app for any industry. We assist them in driving new transformations in the existing technology infrastructure with blockchain protocols.

Industry-Specific Blockchain Solutions :
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