The world is now in crisis. And the crisis is nothing but COVID-19.In this crucial moment, people do not need to panic. What they need is accurate information that related to the coronavirus pandemic. So to this concern, the World Health Organization teams with IBM, Oracle, HACERA, Microsoft, and others to open Blockchain Data Hub. 


The extreme level of utilization of Blockchain we have already seen in different sectors. The technology signifies trust. Needless to say, it sounds incredibly far-reaching. Because it has the potential to change the way you trading, interact with government and others. 

The multinational global taxation and advisory services firm, Ernst & Young or simply EY, have announced Microsoft, Consensys Launching Enterprise Platform on Ethereum Mainnet. The launch is about their open-source Baseline Protocol. Now, what do you mean 


The crypto community is looking for the upcoming merger- JP Morgan looks to merge with Consensys. To be clear in that news, JP Morgan Chase & Co., the banking giant, is looking to merge its blockchain unit, Quorum with ConsenSys LLC, according to ReutersReuters also 


India’s Ministry of Electronics & Data Generation (Meity) introduced the inauguration of a Center of Excellence in Block-chain Generation in Bengaluru. This happened through Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday. Prasad is the Union Minister for Regulation & Justice, 


The HMRC Revenue and Customs UK Tax Authority Aims To Catch Cybercriminals With Blockchain Analytics. This has to be done on transparency in financial transactions as reported from The Block.