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Virtual CISO


Ensuring the security for confidential business data is the top priority among many enterprises. Almost every business demands a full-time commitment to oversee their function. L&P Digitech is there to protect your organization at the same level you would expect from. As we work in collaboration with advanced vCISO professionals, we are able to maintain a better relationship. We are here to protect your organization with the right operational and strategic vision. We have a team of proactive and self-driven virtual CISO professionals. Thereby we deliver the best adaptable solution to meet the demands of our patrons.

Every enterprise faces a set of challenges from rules and regulations to attain highly sophisticated data security threats. With our Cybersecurity consulting, we render an inescapable solution. This can eliminate new hire commitments while offering the executive-level counsel required to attain success. L&P Digitech professionals will work to offer the best align security policies to advance your operational goals. Tap to know the vast knowledge about our cybersecurity strategies that assist to work with your business.


Cyber Security Consulting


Penetration Testing


Get peace of mind with our real-world penetration testing service. Our team of professionals will perform to determine the overall risk and valuation. Thereby, it helps us to understand the current status of your digital assets. Once we understand your asset is under risk, we then prioritize it based on the net asset value to understand the area where loss event has occurred. L&P Digitech simulates an ethical hacking attack that is mainly focused on the target asset.

You are driven when it comes to physical threats to your enterprise. As our team works with a trusted MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider), we are able to protect your network in just a few hours. L&P Digitech discovers more effective network security monitoring with full information. Get the best support to procure the best results.

Network Security Monitoring

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