World Health Organization Collaborates With IBM, Oracle To Open Blockchain Data Hub

The world is now in crisis. And the crisis is nothing but COVID-19.In this crucial moment, people do not need to panic. What they need is accurate information that related to the coronavirus pandemic. So to this concern, the World Health Organization teams with IBM, Oracle, HACERA, Microsoft, and others to open Blockchain Data Hub. 

Our fight is against this pandemic. So, all the valid information needs to be foster to provide a great sense of security towards the public. The doctors, clinicians, scientists, and researchers are constantly doing their hard work to overcome this crisis period. But, the problem they are facing is the lack of integration of verified data sources. That they can be used with confidence. 

So, IBM has been engaged with HACERA who has meaningful projects like MiPasa. This is mainly designed to have an impact on the outcomes during this time of crisis. 

What is MiPasa?

MiPasa is focused on data analytics and privacy tools. Previously these were only available to elite financial institutions and adapted them for a public health context. Now, this platform uses the IBM Blockchain Platform and IBM Cloud. It is designed to synthesize data sources, address their inconsistencies and help identify errors or misreporting. Finally, integrate credible news feed.

MiPasa is supported by a multi-disciplinary group of health professionals, software and app developers and privacy experts. All are working together to make it easy to gather reliable, quality data, and make it easily accessible to the appropriate entities. It is built on Hyperledger Fabric on multiple clouds. 

World Health Organization teams with IBM, Oracle, and others

So, up to now, the news is- the World Health Organization, IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft and many more collaborate to open data hub. And, that will use blockchain technology to check the truthfulness of data related to coronavirus. Though, the news is yet not confirmed. It is understood they will come together. But, normally, IBM can take months to assemble in this case. Other players involved in the platform include Microsoft, Johns Hopkins University, China’s National Health Commission and more. WHO did not respond to a request for comment as of press time. 

Moreover, IBM is also bringing the Call for Code initiative to work on the platform. In this way, they can rapidly create tools to help the crisis. HACERA believes MiPasa can help the global community rapidly respond to this crisis on a more individualized and compassionate level using an open-source approach.